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We are leading European manufacturers and distributors of specialty chemicals, additives and ingredients for the Care, Health & Nutrition and Performance Chemicals markets.

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Cornelius To Bring Party Food To Life At Food Matters...

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Cornelius Commended With BCF Awards Nomination

Cornelius Commended With BCF Awards Nomination


Join Cornelius, your NPD Innovators at Food Matters...

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Cornelius launches new Creative Centre

Cornelius launches new Creative Centre

Cornelius Group has demonstrated our commitment to forward-thinking innovation with the launch of a new creative centre at our Bishop’s Stortford headquarters.The state-of-the-art space features...

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Emergency 24/7 Carechem Hotline - For chemical spills and emergencies please telephone the Cornelius Carechem hotline: +44 (0) 1235 239 670 (Please note: For emergency use only) 812-327-6802