SoxsolS washable shoe inserts are designed to be machine washable and dryer safe. SoxsolS “renew” their grip with every laundry cycle and can be reapplied into sandals and shoes in lieu of socks.

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SoxsolS Narrow Cut for Flats and Heels

Natural Fibers

SoxsolS top layers are made from either 100% Cotton French Terry, or durable Wool Melton.

Air Flow

SoxsolS natural fibers allow air to circulate under the feet, which contributes to maintaining dry, slip-free comfort.

Moisture Wicking

As your foot sweats, the fabric top layer of SoxsolS Washable Shoe Inserts wick away perspiration. This prevents feet from slipping around in your shoes, which can cause blisters and soreness.

Walk Softly

SoxsolS silicone rubber bottom layer does a lot of jobs, but a consistent favorite is how great it feels under your feet. Heel pounders, urban commuters and overall fans of standing take note… SoxsolS wants to help ease your sore feet!

Wash and dry just like socks.

As easy as 1,2,3

SoxsolS Washable Shoe Inserts are 100% machine washable and dryer safe. You simply peel them out of your foot bed, launder separately and stick back together for storage. It’s that simple.

Peel Apart in the Laundry, Stick Together in the Drawer

SoxsolS Washable Shoe Inserts bottom layer is a tacky silicone rubber blend. In the wash, the soapy water removes any dust or debris from the surface. Once dried, the clean surface is as grippy as ever. To prevent SoxsolS from picking up lint or dust in your sock drawer, stick SoxsolS back together.

Designed for sandals,
perfect for any sockless shoe.


SoxsolS was originally designed with the slide sandal in mind, and customers have embraced this intuitive pairing. Birkenstocks, Keens and Chaco wearers were early adopters of SoxsolS in their sandals.


Whether it’s Flats or Sperry Top-Siders, SoxsolS Washable Shoe Inserts provide amazing comfort while keeping your feet dry and your loafers fresh.

Sockless Shoes

Sometimes, you just want to go sockless. Regardless of what type of shoes you love going commando in, SoxsolS washable shoe inserts will keep them fresh and your feet comfortable.

Flip Flops and Toe Posts

To use in flip-flops, or sandals with toe posts, SoxsolS offers you three options.

  1. Cut a slit into your SoxsolS from the instep instead of from the top to provide more surface area under  the toes.
  2. Another method is to simply cut a notch out of your SoxsolS where the big toe sits to accommodate the  toe post entirely.
  3. SoxsolS users can also cut away the entire top of the SoxsolS creating a ¾ length insert that covers the  heel up to the toe post.


“I just received two new pairs of SoxsolS. One cotton and one wool. They are just in time as it will in be he 90s here later this week. I suffer from hyperhidrosis which causes my hands and feet to sweat. Wearing sandals and other shoes with no socks is a problem due to the sweating. In the past I have only been able to wear sandals with a suede foot bed to prevent my feet from slipping, which means I have to pass on many cute sandals because they have a leather or other smooth surface foot bed. But thanks to SoxsolS I can wear any shoes/sandals I like. Thank you SoxsolS” — Madelyn H

“My experience with this cool product: When I received a pair of the SoxsolS soles, I thought it a creative style to help protect your feet. I was excited to try a pair on. When I got the opportunity, I quickly put the SoxsolS into my Sperry Top-Sider Boat shoes. I wore the inserts for a while day at work. I was relieved how comfortable they were! I no longer have to wear ballerina socks, which weren't too comfortable to begin with. SoxsolS have made my sockless footwear more comfortable. That they are washable and reusable is a plus!” — Hope M

Don't Sweat It!

Protect your expensive shoes

Everyone sweats. In fact, perspiration is actually pretty essential. Despite this, perspiration and expensive footwear don’t usually mix. The acids in sweat cause staining and odor in shoes, SoxsolS’ silicone rubber bottom layer prevents perspiration from soaking into shoes.

Treat your feet

Nobody likes sweaty feet, even in old shoes. SoxsolS feel great and wick away perspiration just as well in those beat up Converse Chuck Taylors you wear around the yard as they do in your most expensive high heels.


SoxsolS work extremely well for those who sometimes sweat excessively. We have heard from many customers who, because of SoxsolS washable shoe inserts, are now able to wear shoes without worry.

Customize your SoxsolS for any shoe.

Trim to fit

You can customize your SoxsolS Washable Shoe Inserts with any sharp pair of scissors. We recommend trimming a little at first and adjusting as you go.

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What are Soxsols

SoxsolS washable shoe inserts are reusable shoe inserts designed to be machine washable and dryer safe. SoxsolS “renew” their grip with every laundry cycle and can be reapplied into sandals and other shoes in lieu of socks.
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