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iCompli Features

IDEA Forms

46 fully functional IDEA and Medicaid forms as per the guidelines of DOE are present in the system. Each form has a utility toolbar to capture Notes, Attachments, History, Signature, Lock, Copy etc.


iCompli assist users in capturing Individual Education Plan, along with parent consent for individual students. The system also captures the Plan of Care and Evaluations for Speech, Language, Occupational, and Physical.


The system generates the 270, 271, 835, and 837 reports per DOE standards with the click of a button. Export 270 and 837 files to the DOE. Import 271 and 835 files to track the payment details.

(484) 635-4332

Easy to use Daily Service Logs capture the services given by Teachers and Therapists. An interactive calendar helps them in organizing and recreating the services.


The iCompli reports module is designed to provide a feature-rich and user-friendly reports for analysis. These comprehensive reports capture Medicaid, IEP and IDEA data.


Administrators will find the system simple, yet powerful enough to create new users, assign roles, and grant/revoke access to a particular page or module.


iCompli has three levels of student access

Student Level (Caseload assigned from SIS): This level of security is given to the users like the Teachers/Therapists. They can see and perform actions on only those students who are assigned to their own caseload.

School Level (Access to all students at particular site): This is level of security is given to Principals. They can perform actions or view all the students who are present in that site/school.

District Level (Access to all students): This level of security is given to District Admins, Superintendents, System Admins. They can view and/or perform actions on all the students in the District.

Program Wokflow & Form Rules

Every student is assigned to a program. Every program contains a set of mandatory forms necessary for a student to be able to move to next program.

Before completing a form, it must meet certain pre-conditions or validations.

The forms will pass through various states like Save, Submit, Approve and Complete. Forms are Read Only once they are marked complete. Users can only View or Print the completed forms.

Medicaid Calendar

The Medicaid Calendar lists the services the user has access to for the selected month or week or day.

Through the calendar, the user has ability to create a new service. Click on the day to create a service for that day.

Users can copy a service to a new date by drag and drop. System supports bulk copy as well (i.e. users can copy for multiple dates or date range).

AI chat Bot

A Chat Bot is our newest service developed to assist with the application. Users can type inside a chat window and the system performs that action thus reducing the time it takes to be proficient with the system.

Users can type commands like "show me the details of student 26653", "open 357 form for 26653", or "Student 26653", all to gain access to student details and forms.

The Chat Bot is continuously learning new commands and as the system evolves, the Chat Bot will play a pivotal role in helping the users perform actions.

More Features

Other important features of the system which provides a great user experience!

Student File

One centralized location lists forms and service summary of each student.

Things To Do

Users login to get their list of Things To Do (i.e. Iep's, Poc's, Eval's that are awaiting completion or creation.

Responsive UI

Ensuring an amazing user experience with accessibility, usability, efficiency, and pleasant color combinations. Easy to navigate and understand with minimal effort.

Speech to Text

Imagine filling the IDEA form text areas with our speech to text feature. We have reduced the amount of time and effort the user takes to type information about the student into the form.


All of the grids present in iCompli has a data export feature, which exports the data in an excel format.


All forms can printed in a PDF format. Use the Print button located on each form to create and download the form to the user’s machine.

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