Practico di Canto

Improve your Singing through practice and live feedback. A resource for students of the voice, a resource for teachers of the voice.


Supports: All modern hardware platforms including: Laptops, PC's, Tablets and Phones.

For Students of the Voice

Singing is an athletic endeavor requiring full coordination of the neuromuscular systems involved in breathing, speaking, and the perception of sound. The only way to consistently improve your singing is through regular exercises that target these aspects of your physiology. Practico di Canto combines ancient and proven exercises with the latest in technology to make your time as productive as possible.


For Vocal Coaches

Mastering the art of singing requires a good coach. I understand how critical coaches are to the process and Practico di Canto is designed to be your partner, designed to help your students succeed. Practico di Canto provides your students with an excellent aid to working on their pitch and their ear, thereby freeing you to focus your time together on tone, enunciation, and emotionality. Train students with the best technology available, on all the platforms available, using Practico di Canto...


About Practico di Canto

Practico di Canto is currently in alpha. This means that it's very early in it's development. You may discover problems with the software. There are exciting things that I haven't yet implemented. You're welcome to use it anyway, and I hope that you find it valuable and don't have any problems. Please report any problems to 647-945-0497.

The exercise system is still a work in progress, but there are already quite a few useful exercises to take advantage of during your training. Here are some examples of the system in action. Create an account in order to configure your vocal range.

Basic Tenor Exercises

  • Warm Up - Whole step warm-up, do this on "ah".
  • Resonance - Resonance practice, make your "e" and "ah" sounds the same. Do this on "nee ah nee ah nee ah nee ah nee".
  • Transition - Transition practice. Do this on "ah ah oo".
  • Flexibility - Flexibility practice. Do this on "ah" or "oo", alternate every other day.
  • Breath Support - Practice holding breath support. Do this on "ah".

Intermediate Exercises

  • 4373003664 - Match a random tone.
  • Free Form - Use the system to practice whatever you want. No automatic lesson.

Song Practice

  • 9782415125 - Practice the melody line of the named song.