JoulePerSecond is the performance tool for Racing Cyclists


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About JoulePerSecond

JoulePerSecond JoulePerSecond is a tool for racing cyclists; those participating in power based training approaches. Objectives include:

  • Show performance changes over shorter and longer periods of time.
  • Allow the user to visualize what training works and what doesn’t in a relatively short time period – we all respond differently to training.
  • Provide 'access anywhere' tools to monitor progress.

Key features

  1. A Quick view Dashboard gives a snapshot of current form, fitness and fatigue with cumulative training load, duration, and time recorded in each heart rate / power zone for the current week.
  2. Only essential performance metrics are used and stored. Geographical, elevation and motion data are not used which helps to keep things uncluttered
  3. Although JoulePerSecond doesn’t show data normally associated with outdoor only rides, it does connect and send it to Strava. We plan to add Dropbox auto sync soon.
  4. JoulePerSecond is designed to extend the functionality offered by other systems such as TrainerRoad and Zwift, rather than to replace them. JoulePerSecond accepts .fit and .tcx file formats.

Other useful features

JoulePerSecond has a range of graphs and other tools for historical analysis including

  1. The Performance chart is at the heart of the system. In your account you can set up an unlimited number of tags. These allow you to mark and compare similar rides. Have a play with the demo below...
  2. Training impact - shows fatigue and form over time. Maps how you felt against your actual performance.
  3. Mean Maximal Power chart - shows the best CP generated (and when) for the current period against the two previous periods.
  4. Training Load vs Duration, plots weekly cumulative (or monthly when more than 366 days selected).
  5. Heart rate by Zone and Power by Zone charts show cumulative weekly/monthly (as above) breakdown of time in zones, I want to create user settable zones at some point soon — for now they are based on popular calculations from threshold power and heart rate values.

The main purpose of JoulePerSecond is not analysis on a per-ride basis, but it comes equipped with some useful tools:

  1. Easy-to-navigate training diary - add notes and record how you feel you performed and felt. Select from predefined, analysable metrics.
  2. Ride summary including: duration, av. power/hr/cadence, intensity %, Training load, work done/energy used (Power based value take precedence over Heart based value).
  3. Lap summaries including: duration, av. power/hr/cadence.
  4. Intensity %, Power and Heart rate quick view dials plus time spent in Zones.
  5. Ability to calculate training load from power or heartrate data, and manual input/override.

This is JoulePerSecond!


The demonstration below shows just some of JoulePerSecond's functionality. Use the filter to reveal patterns in the data.