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During this time its activities have grown manifold.   Today, it offers comprehensive quality tertiary ophthalmic care, catering to all the sections of the society.  A free section functions throughout the week from 8 am to 5 pm 

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The fourth floor also houses the laundry services, staff quarters and a dining area with canteen.
The house keeping personnel are available round the clock to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the hospital and its surroundings.
The whole building is supported by 2 automatic lifts and a 100 kVA automated on / off generator for uninterrupted power supply along with a high tension transformer.

Electrical personnel are available during the day as well as night.

Second Floor
Operation Theatres
Optical and Pharmacy
Camp Services
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The second floor has two well equipped most modern operation theatres which can function simultaneously and can accommodate up to 40 surgeries per day round the clock. Adjacent to the operation theatre is the pre operative preparation room with 5 beds and a post operative recovery room with 9 beds.
A recovery room with defibrillator and a sophisticated Boyle’s apparatus has also been provided to cater to general anesthetic cases as well as cardiopulmonary emergencies.
The third floor has a 24 hour well equipped emergency operation theatre which can accommodate any unscheduled emergency surgeries immediately should the necessity arise.

(807) 335-5698
NO:9, Murrays Gate Road
Alwarpet, Chennai-600018.
Fax: 044 42188841.
Phone: 044 43471111 (30LINES)
Mobile: 8754574507,  8754574508
Email: admin@udhieyehospitals.com
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