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Dr. Ernest DiGeronimo

Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Dr. DiGeronimo combines a skilled and precise surgical technique with artistry, enabling you to bring out the the best in you…with a natural look.

All cosmetic procedures begin with a private and confidential, in-depth consultation with Dr. DiGeronimo. He walks you through the entire surgical procedure from preoperative preparation to follow-care.

When a sculptor sets to work, he begins with a block of marble. It is in his eye, his skill and his soul that ultimately breathe life into his work.

Dr. DiGeronimo one of the best plastic surgeons in Miami, is a man of passion; in the way that he performs his work and in the manner which he lives his life. His greatest gift is his artistic vision that allows him to see what others can nor, and do what others cannot imagine.

Dr. DiGeronimo was trained in the art of plastic surgery by the world-renowned surgeon Dr. Ralph Millard, considered by most plastic surgeons as one of the founding fathers of the modern plastic surgery. He has since perfected his skills over the past 30 years by performing thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries that he fondly refers to as his personal “Works of Art“.










Face Lift

Face and Neck Lift This procedure takes away years from the aging look of your face. Dr. DiGeronimo always makes sure you look natural and not stretched and gives you the younger look you always wanted.


Vaginal Rejuvination

If you feel uncomfortable because your labia are too floppy, irregular in shape, causing hygiene problems or causing discomfort during intercourse, this operation can help. This can improve self-confidence when corrected.

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Breast Augmentation

The breast augmentation procedures performed in our Aventuraplastic surgery facilities, are very popular operations in this visual world. If you want volume, a little or a lot, it can be done.

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Sculpting your body is something Dr. DiGeronimo loves to do. Suctioning the fat from places where it is not needed and putting it back to where it is needed can give you the figure you always wanted.