The Cost-Effective Virtues of Cloud Hosting Technologies

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Can’t decide if the cloud is what your business needs to thrive online? What’s the hold up?

Just find out: what’s going to advance your business objectives the most?

  • On-demand data-processing resources?
  • A billing model that lets you pay-as-you-go?
  • Fluid, automated resource scalability?
  • Self-healing in the event of failures?
  • Industry-leading hosting capabilities?
  • Or all of the above?

What’s going to help you make the most progress with your goals? When you’ve figured it out, you’re ready to convert. As dictated by your goals, there is a realm of full and hybrid cloud solutions that your hosting provider can tailor-make just for your needs.

The features above are trademark advantages of the cloud. Practically every mainstream company has adopted or will adopt cloud technologies in their various hosting strategies. Don’t get left behind. Reinvent the way you host today and contact NetHosting!



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If you’ve ever been frustrated with your internet service, then it’s about time to take advantage of the easiest, most advanced Hosting available, all with dedicated, 24x7x365 support.

Satisfying all your hosting and Internet needs has never been easier or more affordable. The ability to control your web and email applications from a simple, intuitive web interface is in your hands; you also have full access to Blogging Tools, E-Commerce Tools, Perl, PHP and much more. Choose from any one of our packages below, and we’ll get you started instantly.

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When to Know When It’s Time to Switch Providers

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There are many reasons why it might be time to cut the cord with a provider, the least of which being the cost of hosting. Sometimes what you save in cost you pay for in time and mental health. Support’s giving you the run-around, nothing seems to work right, your site keeps going down, you’re losing money. Suddenly, your $2 a month is the most expensive item on your company budget, and that’s a problem.

In addition to doing your homework on a provider before you jump in, make sure you’re not handing over control of your domain registration. Make sure it’s in your name, so that you’re never under any obligation to stay with a provider if they’re just not delivering the service you need. You want to be able to switch with ease. Especially for services like virtual hosting, it should never be a hassle to switch.


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The software alliance group, BSA, last week released its second annual scorecard on global cloud computing, which ranks 24 of the world’s top players in the industry in order of the most equipped to develop the technology on a worldwide scale. Making up at least 80% of the globe’s IT market, these 24 nations represent a diverse attitude on cloud computing, positioning some for progress and some for stagnation.

Among the factors that affect a country’s overall commitment to cloud technologies, according to the BSA, are: its attitude toward cybercrime and security, privacy provisions, free-trade policies, and broadband network.

Technology policy counsel at the BSA, Chris Hopfensperger, critiqued the progress made since the release of last year’s global cloud-computing scorecard, calling it “patchy” but stating that the BSA remains optimistic that the cloud-inhibiting legislation that exists today will eventually be overtaken by the good kind of rules that encourages the expansion of reliable cloud hosting technologies.

Who’s the Cloud-Friendliest Country in the World?

For the 2nd year in a row, Japan has scored the #1 spot, being called the friendliest environment for cloud development and enhancement in the world. The honor is owing to the country’s dedication to user security and privacy, as well as its dedicated posture against cybercrime. In addition, Japan has a growing rate of broadband acceptance that contributed to its high score.

Australia’s increasingly solid cloud policies ensured its spot for the second year in a row. The US took 3rd place from Germany for its enhancements in the private sector. Experts at the BSA stated that the US/Germany upset was not owing to any specific piece of legislation, but to US cloud providers individually.

The top 5 nations for cloud hosting providers:

1. Japan

2. Australia

3. United States

4. Germany

5. Singapore

Germany’s drop in ranking is blamed on “potentially restrictive privacy laws, protectionist policies,” while Singapore advanced to 5th due to a recent data privacy law which was enacted over the last year.

Just Missed the Mark

The five worst environments for cloud computing:

1. South Africa

2. Indonesia

3. Brazil

4. Thailand

5. Vietnam

These 5 countries scored poorly in the topics of data and user privacy, free-trade policies (or lack of), data security, and their failure to cooperate in conforming with global cloud standards.

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A Cool New Way to Cache Data: Molecular Memory

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Imagine it. Storing your personal and business data in individual molecules. IT providers across the world are taking notice of a new and promising technology called molecular memory. It’s got the makings of science fiction, but it’s for real, believe it or not, and it could mean that data centers could be storing as much as 1000TB of data within a square inch of space, maximizing critical real estate within their facilities while saving money on energy usage.

The molecule used in the research, which was conducted in an MIT lab, originated in India by scientists at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER). It’s an impressive prospect that, if nothing else, will progress the discovery of even more options other than old school data storage.

Molecule Memory Defined

It’s accomplished by tampering with the magnetic conductivity of the unique molecule. Each molecule represents a binary number, either a one or a zero, depending on its state of magnetism. The result is molecular memory, or the ability to cache more data in a smaller amount of space than is possible with any other method currently available.

The Process of Discovery

With the recent leap forward in the technology, researchers have made inroads in certain manufacturing phases that will decrease some of the cost of manufacturing as well as create a product that will be kept cool more easily. This last part will be a definite attraction to IT personnel who are responsible for finding the best, most cost-efficient ways to control the temperature in their data center facilities.

What Happens Next?

Jagadeesh Moodera led the research team at MIT and anticipates that workable storage devices based on “molecular memory” will be ready as alternative options to standard SSD systems within the next decade. Consequent bonuses of the technology will not only be a more efficient use of hard drive space, but will also be an environment conscious use of energy to run and cool the systems in data center facilities.

As data center operators worldwide strive to shave costs and enhance performance, this technology is both timely and invaluable. Moodera is hopeful that the results of the research will generate interest in developing more memory solutions.

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New ARM Processors Earn Energy-Conscious Fans

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There’s an increasing tendency to build servers with ARM processors. The practice is generating interest in a number of fields. Legitimate market players and vendors are also taking notice. Chip maker Calxeda was not-too-long ago granted 55 million USD to make server chips for web hosting that operate on low power.

EnergyCore, a chip designed by Calxeda, capitalizes on an ARM processor that requires a low amount of power. To date, they’ve deployed the chips in prototype servers for Hewlett-Packard and Dell. In addition to using lower amounts of power, ARM processors can also perform tasks more quickly in response to network requests when employed in large quantities.

We will soon see the widespread adoption of ARM processors across the board, in social sites as well as ecommerce.

Presently, ARM processors are typically used in mobile systems like tablets and phones, while most servers use AMD and Intel x86 chips. The latest offering by Intel, known as Atom, is comparable to ARM processors in that they require little power to operate.

Previously, Calxeda was already marketing this chip commercially in the Viridis server a la Boston Ltd. That one particular server could use up to 48 Calxeda chips (192 ARM cores), and each Calxeda chip only uses about five watts of power.

ARM processors at this moment are mostly employed in mobile devices like tablets and phones, while most servers utilize AMD and Intel x86 chips. Intel has started to circulate a low-energy chip for servers referred to Atom, and has a new line of Atom chips prepared to launch to compete with ARM’s low-power chip offering.

A whopping 100 million in financing has found its way into Calxeda’s coffers since its modest beginnings four years ago, and since then it has accumulated over 100 employees in the US and Asia. Both numbers promise to grow as ARM processor chips enjoy broader adoption. While HP and Dell make use of the tech in their laboratories, and Calxeda improves the chip to 64-bit, we’ll see a lot more action in their corner and in data centers across the globe.


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As a state-of-the-art class A colocation facility, Fibernet’s Provo, Utah data center has direct fiber connections to AT&T, Comcast, Qwest, XO, ELI, and MCI, as well as local Municipalities. BGP Bandwidth is delivered from MCI, ELI, XO, and Sprint and all fiber runs enter at different points into the facility and terminate into separate Cisco core routers, which all feed a N+1 Cisco Network. Fibernet is also a carrier-neutral facility, meaning that our clients are allowed to use Fibernet’s bandwidth or connect directly to a specific carrier, while still receiving on-net discounts.

Fibernet also offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Uptime, temperature, network function and bandwidth usage are monitored around-the-clock 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, we offer real-time bandwidth graphing and reporting to individual clients as a tool to help them manage their own bandwidth for added assurance. Open source and custom-designed systems are used to monitor bandwidth usage, internal, and external network status.

Key Benefits Of Fibernet Orem Data Center

  • PCI Compliant Facility
  • Zone 4 earthquake standards
  • Local Provo Hosting
  • Climate controlled filtered air (3 redundant 30 ton York cooling systems)
  • Under flooring power and cable distribution
  • Protected power (real-time Liebert 15kVA UPS & Cummings 400kVA diesel generator)
  • Multiple Fiber providers
  • Fire Suppression (double-interlocked, pre-action, dry pipe)
  • Class A data center
  • Remote Hands Technical Assistance is available business days 9AM-5:30PM included at no charge up to 5 incidents a month
  • Fast tech response/turn around
  • Custom network and server design available

Safety & Disaster Prevention

Fibernet is designed to Zone 4 earthquake specifications. All utilities, including water pipes, are encased in the inner cement core of the building and each level of the center is actually designed as a seamless cement slab with drainage systems to move water in the event of a fire without damaging other locations of the center. Fibernet is equipped with a double-interlock, pre-action, dry pipe fire suppression system that deploys on a localized basis or on a specific zone basis.

What it all means

Fibernet understands that your business relies on the availability of your networked services and partnering with us provides proven service, reliability, and peace of mind, which is not always available in less equipped facilities.

Our Provo data center and network backbone can accommodate businesses of all types and sizes. This means that our clients will never have to feel the pains of relocating to allow growth or the aggravation of inadequate or unreliable service. As your company grows, Fibernet has a vested interest in providing solutions to your needs no matter how large or small.


Provo Utah Hosting West Parking Lot during Utah Meteor

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This is a view of Fibernet’s west parking lot area during the meteor that lit up the night on November 18, 2009 in Provo, Utah. Our security cameras caught a glimpse of the short-lived meteor shower!