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Everyone loves to win and Sweepstakes are a powerful lead generation tool to reward your existing customers and connect with new ones. Our easy-to-use Self Service builder allows you to create customizable Sweepstakes from a variety of themes in minutes. Advanced features like promo code entries, SMS Sweepstakes, videos on landing pages, or automated emails are available through our custom services. Sweepstakes are always mobile optimized, feature social sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and come with our Viral DNA® analytics.

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SpinZone® Instant Win Games

SpinZone® is our signature Instant Win Game. Give your customers all the excitement of a slot machine on their laptop, tablet, and phones. Our easy-to-use Self Service builder allows you to create customizable games from several designs, sound effects, and icons. Advanced features like multiple spins, promo code entries, automated emails, or custom games (Plinko, Roshambo, etc.) are available as custom services. SpinZone® Instant Win Games are always mobile optimized with social sharing and Viral DNA® analytics included.


User Generated Content (UGC) Contests

UGC Contests are highly interactive promotions that give your brand unparalleled customer engagement. Photo, video, audio, or text Contests encourage customers to get creative, providing repeated touchpoints between the customer and your product or service. Contest Factory was the first to develop online voting for UGC Contests and holds multiple patents in this area. UGC Contests are currently available as a custom product, with standard mobile optimization, social sharing and Viral DNA® analytics included.

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SpinZone® Trade Show Edition

Do you have a booth at an upcoming convention or trade show? Want to create a buzz and increase booth traffic by over 500%? Our SpinZone® Trade Show Edition can deliver all of this and more. This SpinZone® is a custom product built for live events, engineered to draw people to your booth and engage them with an exciting game to instantly win prizes. Keep all your leads organized with our Viral DNA®. SpinZone® Trade Show Edition is an unparalleled tool for networking and lead-generation that can make your booth the one everyone remembers.


Trivia Contests

Everyone loves answering trivia questions, and our Trivia Contests are another great way to increase engagements with your brand, product, or service. Create custom multiple choice or true/false questions related to your promotional goals, or choose from our library of general knowledge questions in categories like art, movies, sports, and more. Trivia can also be a great training tool for your employees on new or existing products as research has shown that 89% of learners think leaderboards and point systems make learning more engaging.

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SpinZone® Trivia

Combining all the fun and skill of Trivia Contests with the gamification rewards of Instant Win Games, SpinZone® Trivia is an irresistible custom product. By rewarding correct trivia answers with points that can be instantly redeemed for SpinZone® plays, your customers will want to keep on playing all day long. Featuring our full range of design options and customizable settings, and always mobile-optimized with social sharing and Viral DNA® analytics, SpinZone® Trivia gives you the best of both worlds.

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Tournament Style Contests

Tournament Style Contests take all the fun of UGC Contests to another level. These multi-phase, bracketed competitions leave the only limits to your imagination. Launch a promotion with knockout or elimination rounds, place your contestants in 1 on 1 matches, in pools of different groups, or highly customizable brackets. Tournaments are interactive by nature, thus creating myriad touchpoints between customers and your brand. Tournament Style Contests are currently available as a custom product with all standard features included.

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Administration of Promotion

We can assist you to make sure your campaign runs smoothly and legally with moderation, winner selection and more!

Banner Ad Campaigns

Demographic targeting, reach large scale audiences quickly, dynamic interactive design and brand focused.

Bonding and Registration

If you plan a promotion with a total prize pool over $5,000 you may need bonding and registration in certain states. We can help!

Bundled Price Packages

If you run three or more campaigns per month, you may qualify for bundled prizing on Sweepstakes, Contests and Instant Win Game promotions. Contact us for more details at 855-774-6966 or send an email to

Commercial Web Video Production and Media Buying

Through its partners Contest Factory provides broadcast quality TV, video and Radio production for small to medium sized business and can help support your campaign. We can handle every aspect of your TV or Radio production: pre- production, location scouting, voice over, scripting, casting, animation and complete post production services. Entry level programs available that can be much more affordable than you think. Do you have a video or commercial already? In addition to production, through its trusted partners, Contest Factory can also buy media for your promotions on broadcast/cable television and radio.

Consultation and Development

We can help you define your promotion objectives and help create a campaign that engages your audience!

Custom API Integration

If you would like to integrate outside applications into your promotion, our development team can create an API to communicate directly with the Contest Factory system. Do you want people to earn bonus entries for game play or interface your entry data directly into your CRM system? We have years of experience developing custom interfaces and can create a custom API to manage the process seamlessly.

Custom Promotions

Have you dreamed up the best game and user experience and want to bring it to life? Whether you have in mind text-to-enter Sweepstakes and contests or a unique, animated instant win game, call us - we can do it! (most likely)

Custom Site Design

If you don’t see exactly what you need in Self Serve, give us a call - we can help!

Eligibility Verification

We can provide affidavits of eligibility, publicity release and complete background checks if necessary.

Legal Guidance

Legal Guidance for Promotion Print Advertising, POP and TV/Radio: Not sure if the headline in your ad is a good idea? Call us - our legal team can review and provide guidance to keep you out of hot water.

Out of Home

We can help you create a mix of prizes that drives traffic while meeting your budget.

Prize Fulfillment

We can send prizes to each and every winner in your campaign, including packaging, shipping, and tracking.

Prize List Development

Billboards, taxi toppers, elevator videos, movie theaters and more.

Prize Selection and Acquisition

We can take care of selection and purchasing of all your prizes so you don’t have to do a thing.

SMS Campaign Messaging

Text to enter campaigns, text for info, voting/polling, mobile coupons and more.

Social Media Advertising

Ad design and copywriting for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and social networks to support your campaign.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Targeted list identification and procurement, copywriting and email design, execution and reporting

Tax and Legal Forms

(1099/W9): We can issue your promotion’s 1099/W9 forms and take the tax headache away from you!


(Certified Legal & Enculture): We will provide professional legal translation of rules, affidavits and other documents as well as setting your site in or more languages.

Travel Trip Fulfillment

If your prize includes a trip, either in the US or overseas, our team can set up the transportation to the airport, hotel, airfare and more. We are specialists in this area of prize fulfillment and can almost guarantee a happy winner!

Twitter and Instagram #hashtag Contests and Sweepstakes

Create Sweepstakes and contests using #hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Our robust software platform allows you to create contests and/or Sweepstakes on Twitter and Instagram, pulling all entries into a central database for moderation before displaying them on a gallery page on your website or Facebook App Page. You can even seamlessly integrate contests and Sweepstakes for more engaging user experience. Our legal team will guide and support your promotions allowing you to create fun and engaging campaigns without legal concern. Our profanity filter and moderation tool ensure that your brand will not have any embarrassing photos or comments posted on your site! Contest Factory’s Viral DNA® Analytics dashboard gives you complete insight into your campaigns’ performance.

UGC Moderation

Don’t let the mind-numbing hours moderating contest photos and video content get you down. Contest Factory can help! We can help judge, moderate, approve and review all content in your UGC promotion for you. Our team of professional moderators will protect your brand from embarrassing and even illegal content from reaching your target audience. Play it safe and let us take care of this headache for you.