Simple, mobile lists at your fingertips, endless possibilities.

Listable is the free, social ToDo list application available on iPhone and the web. It's more than just another list App - Listable opens an immediate communications channel among members of your professional team or family.

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Listable on your iPhone

Manage your lists and share them with others in the elegant and simple iPhone App. Listable on iPhone allows you to share your lists with friends and associates in your iPhone contacts list. Push notifications alert you to changes that others have made to your shared lists.

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Listable on your Computer

Manage your lists and share them with others in the Listable web app. Features in-place editing of list items and titles, easy re-arrangement of lists and items, as well as views of the Activity Feed. When you modify an item shared with users on an iPhone, they get push notifications telling them what you changed.



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