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Uthpan labs is a platform for inspiring ideas and sustainable solutions, bringing them together to develop systems that propel growth. The purpose of uthpan labs is to promote result driven consulting rather than recommendation driven. In that regard we equally focus on the financial, technological, demand & supply side, social & consumer behavioral aspects.


Value Proposition

Integrating solutions and systems to bring sustainability of business and institutes.
Evaluate and ensure a lean & efficient technology stack for business and contribute in accelerating profitability.

We Solve your problem when….

  • You have a brilliant business idea but getting the right implementation partner is a challenge
  • Technology disrupts fast, you don’t know whether to upgrade to new technology or embrace status-quo
  • Your Business is growing fast, is your current IT Vendor the right partner for the Next phase
  • Your product idea solves the problem BUT will market accept and shift to new product

what we do

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Our Services

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Cloud | Serverless

We have a lot of expertise on Serverless technology specially on AWS and consult organizations to migrate from cloud or data center kind of setup to Serverless environment.

Idea Validation

This is like level 0 for a startup, many times a group of people have an idea but are unable to decide if it’s worth pursuing. So we help them with researching the right tech stack , defining an MVP and then going ahead and executing the MVP. We also help them define right metrics to decide the success or failure of the MVP thus helping them to decide post MVP plans


We help organizations with understanding Blockchain technology beyond bit-coins and also study their existing systems and define the right sub systems where block chain can give them value. We support our clients, identify the right tech stack for implementing block chain. We also do one day workshops for institutes as well as organizations to understand block chain technology.


We help our clients in transforming from initial stage to growth stage of their business by fostering a business sense in all their activities. We conduct Business Model workshops, Vision & Mission workshops, Sales Improvement workshops, conduct business score surveys to understand the weakness and strengths of their business at filed and customer level. We support our clients in US/Europe  to start their Business in India  from pilot phase to operational phase.


As Product succeeds and Business Grows, IT vendor may not upgrade fast. We support our clients to put their energy on Business growth and help them migrate to new IT vendors aligning to their Business growth pace. We help our clients in monitoring and evaluation of their current IT Vendors ‘effectiveness and performance.

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