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About Us

Traffic-In is the new age mobile ad platform with a prime focus on performance-oriented ad campaigns and industry best payouts.
Our network helps advertisers to reach the right audience through our exclusive publisher base.
At Traffic In, publishers have access to advertisers across the globe, timely commissions and high payouts.
We are a team of highly experienced and passionate mobile specialists who are always there for you to promote your brand
and known for timely publisher payments.

Traffic In platform supports a wide variety of mobile advertising formats with the aim to serve your needs from right hands to right brands along with the brand safety and quality assurance.

Our Values

We believe in complete transparency from to pricing to reporting and aim to build long-term and healthy relationships with our clients.

  • Pictorial Diagram: Client is all, go big or go home, innovate and improve, 20+ experts, 400+ brands, 5000+ publishers

Why Us

  • Global Reach: Be a part of Traffic In and get exposure to over 75 million plus mobile users and get industry-best results.
  • Highest Quality Ad: In Traffic In, you get the quality work with most enhanced marketing method and analysis of market trend which not only adds value to your brand but will give better ROI.


Traffic-In platform is the smart way to analyze and optimize your mobile ad inventory into sales with
world-class publishers, advanced ad serving solutions, precise mobile targeting
and cohesive advertising experience that will help you acquire the most valuable users and the best return of their campaigns.

By implementing programmatic buying solution, strong validation process, multiple ad formats, in-app conversion tracking
and industry-leading support, Traffic-In adds value to your brand and delivers the pleasing results.

Pay for performance

Advertisers will have to pay only for targeted action such as when sale, impression, or lead is generated. You will never have to pay for bad or junk leads.

Breakthrough Creative

We have a creative team who increases the impact of your message by engaging it with innovative ad formats including rich media, video format which saves you time as well as money.

Advanced targeting

Reach high-quality audiences with our precise targeting capabilities and affiliate provided data which enables you to promote your product to right users. Types of targeting- countries, device, mobile network, Wi-Fi/data, Android, IOS, blackberry, geo-targeting and many more.

Real-time tracking

With Traffic-In API, Get campaign insights for current campaign optimization and real-time reports. Our API displays a number of impressions, clicks, spending, data by day, country, campaigns and you can also play, pause campaigns by just sending a request to our system.

Experienced Affiliate managers

You can rely on a dedicated and talented team of our experts to manage and improve the performance of your campaigns. Our affiliate managers will provide accurate reports on daily/weekly/monthly basis so you can analyze performance on a granular level.


Traffic In is the one stop shop for top paying ad campaigns and industry leading payouts.
Our proactive account managers along with the advanced user targeting techniques will provide you
all the tools to deliver the ads to relevant audiences offering high incremental revenues.

Real-time tracking

We use the industry attribution technology to keep a check on your ad revenues through our enhanced RTB system to see every click, spend and conversion. We also make sure that you get premium ad space at your decided price rate.

Get Monetize

Our suite of tools and features along with quality traffic we relevant ads for your audience enabling higher payouts for our affiliates.

Timely payouts

We ensure timely payout to our publishers which can be made through various channels. We also have a payout for publisher referrals.

Dedicated account managers

We have a team of devoted managers who work as your friend and proactively suggest ways to fully optimize the campaign performance.

A wide variety of payment methods

We have fast, easy and reliable payment gateways like wire transfers and direct credit to banks.

TrafficIn Media

We are available at
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Seattle, USA
  • Mumbai, India

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