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Work Comp Lawyer

Assault with a deadly weapon is a crime that can come with some heavy charges, so call our law office right away. Prenuptial agreements can have all types of information in them and not just info on money. If you have been issued a restraining order and you need help, we are the attorneys to call. Whether you are looking for a guardianship, a prenuptial agreement, or filing a paternity suit, our lawyer has experience in all these areas. When you need an accident at work law firm to handle your case for you, let us come to your hospital room for a conversation.

If a loved one has been killed in an auto accident, be sure to call us for representation. Depending on the state where process is served, you may not be able to serve a person in their own home on a Sunday. When you need a lawyer who is familiar with bankruptcy as well as divorce law, call our office. The amount of time each parent will spend with their child will be determined by the court and advised by your lawyer. You should hire an attorney whenever you are in an accident, especially if this is your first accident.

We are excellent litigators when it comes to settling accident cases for our clients. Having an experienced attorney on your side, no matter what type of accident you have, is a good idea. Everyone in a family should have the right to see the children, including the grandparents on both sides. If the tenant does not respond by paying the rent within the specified time, the process server goes back with a notice of eviction after seven days in most states. It is very important to take care of children first in any type of divorce situation.

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