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Your property is listed on DIY Listings and on the local MLS by a licensed broker.



Offers on your home are submitted directly by buyers or agents on DIY Listings. You receive a text and email when an offer is received.



You simply log in to DIY Listings and accept, reject, or counter the offer.



When you accept an offer, your local licensed agent will handle the contract and paperwork, and help you get to closing!


See what you save when you sell your home through DIY.

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DIY Savings

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We guarantee an acceptable offer on your home within 90 days or we sell your house for free!
*conditions apply, contact for details.

Why DIY?

Have your listing taken seriously!

Unlike For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings, your home will be listed on the MLS where all local real estate agents look for homes for their buyer clients. Many agents will not show a FSBO home to their buyers because they won’t get a commission, but agents will show them your home on

The Real Estate Market is changing, so should you! is the new and improved way to sell a home. In today’s market, there are far more buyers than sellers, which means homes have been selling very quickly. Don’t pay 6% or 7% of YOUR home’s sale price for commissions, with DIYListings you keep more control of the process and keep more money for yourself.

Selling a home involves complex steps and a lot of legal paperwork.

If you sell FSBO and find a buyer…then what do you do? There are negotiations, inspections, contracts, title work, and risky legal decisions that need to be made. DIY Listings will match you with a licensed real estate professional to guide you through this complicated process!

Real Estate Declaration of Independence

When in the course of the evolution of business there comes a time to cast off the traditional barriers of an industry so that we may blaze a new path delivering better service, lowering prices for all customers, and giving the power back to the people. hereby declares our independence from the old system of real estate sales and ushers in a new improved era of real estate. We declare and promise to:

  • Make real estate transactions transparent.
  • Save homeowners time and money with no hidden fees.
  • Empower homeowners to take control of the sale of their home.
  • Give homeowners knowledge and guidance to sell their home.
  • Guarantee homeowners the sale of their home or give their money back. will not be beholden to tradition and blindly comply with an outdated system. Settling for what is good enough is not our business practice. is the new way the world sells a home.

Brian Brockman


"Brian is a true professional. He represented my husband and I when we bought our first house. He made what could've been a very daunting process, a simple one. Brian has sparked a love of real estate ..."
BY:calidavenport - 08/30/2016
" They were super helpful and extremely patient with me. After looking at close to 60 houses they stayed with me the entire time. I can't wait to work with them again in the future when I go to sell my ... "
BY:teddypaskal - 08/09/2016

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