2pm, 31st October 2015, Madrid

Who's getting married...

In the red corner

Nathan "the geordie" Doran

From: The toon
Favourite food: Pizza
Special skills: Carrying stuff

In the blue corner

Cynthia "la chilanga" Diaz

From: El D.F.
Favourite food: Not meat
Special skills: Revenge punch

The happy couple

Where's it at...

Finca Prados Moros

Carretera Guadarrama - Escorial,
km 0,328440 Guadarrama,
Open in Google Maps

Bus leaving from Madrid centre at 12:40,
Plaza de España, Tourist bus stop #6

Finca Prados Moros

Where should I stay...

Stay in the centre of Madrid...

If you are travelling to Madrid for the wedding we recommend that you stay in Madrid city centre - there will be a bus from the city centre to the wedding venue at 12:40 (from Plaza de España, Tourist bus stop #6) and a bus returning to the city centre at midnight.


If you stay in the city centre you can walk anywhere easily, or take the metro (which runs until 2am). If you want to stay near areas with good nightlife then try to stay near Malasaña, La Latina or Huertas.

Getting to and around Madrid city centre....

The metro takes you from the airport to the city centre. See the 3144965826.
If you are there for a few days it's worth buying a ticket with 10 journeys. There is a €3 supplement to get enter/leave Madrid airport on the metro.

Booking websites...


What do I need to know...

What time to arrive...

  • The ceremony will start at 2pm - the bride will be on time!
  • A bus from Madrid city centre will depart at 12:40pm (Plaza de España, Tourist bus stop #6)
  • The wedding venue will open at 1:30pm


There is a big car park at the finca.

What to wear...

At the end of October it won't be hot during the day and might be cold at night so it's a good idea to bring a coat or jacket.

What else...

If you need to know anything else give us a call or email us at info@nat-cyn.com.

What to say...

It's good to talk - here are some phrases to get you started...
English Spanish
Hello Hola
How are you? (Spanish) ¿Cómo estás?
How are you? (Mexican) ¿Qué onda güey?
Nathan & Cynthia are getting married ¡Nathan y Cynthia se casan!
She's very lucky! ¡Qué suerte tiene ella!
What a pretty bride! ¡Qué novia tan guapa!
Kiss each other! ¡Qué se besen!
Another rum and coke, bartender Otro copazo, jefe
Check out my dance moves! ¡Mira como bailo!
Where's the toilet? ¿Dónde está el baño?
Take me home... Llévame a casa...

Hope to see you there...


We really hope you can join us - please let us know by 14th September. Get in touch if you have any questions.