use past research…
… in future decisions

Software to plan, execute and reuse market research in innovation, marketing and sales decisions

Manage Research

Run a high quality research organization from planning to execution

Are you running a research organization across multiple locations? Learn how the best research teams use our software to standardize processes and focus on the only thing that matters – insights for the business.

  • Learning plans
  • Research request
  • Research calendar
  • Research execution
  • Analytics database
  • Expert communities
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Search Information

Answer “What do we know about…?“ questions with one click

Do you waste too much time searching for answers to business questions from all your past research? Learn how the best researchers use our software to get straight to the answers without opening and reading hundreds of pages.

  • One-click search
  • Competitor search
  • Desk Research
  • Newsletter
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Build Knowledge

Learn from the past and build knowledge the business loves to use

Are you building knowledge to make better decisions every day? Learn how the best research teams use our software to consolidate findings from multiple studies into practical do’s and don’ts.

  • Consumer knowledge
  • Shopper knowledge
  • Brand knowledge
  • Product knowledge
  • Knowledge gaps
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Guide Innovation

Systematically deliver consumer centred innovations

Do you constantly need innovation in your category? Learn how the best innovators use our software to change gears from “make and sell” to “sense and respond” to generate winning new product concepts, time and again.

  • Distil insights
  • Generate ideas
  • Develop concepts
  • Innovation libraries
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Plan Marketing

Plan marketing mix that changes behavior

Are your marketing plans truly based on everything you know about the brand, consumer and market? Learn how the best marketers use our software to make situation assessments and plan actions that change behavior – with measurable results.

  • Category planning
  • Brand planning
  • Communication libraries
  • Reporting
  • Marketing ROI
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Drive Sales

Perform excellent in-store execution

You have great innovations and great brands. How do you make sure you don’t lose it all at the POS when shoppers select? Learn how the best trade marketers use our software for perfect in-store execution to drive sales.

  • Mobile pos audits
  • Activation libraries
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selected customers

We serve consumer focused companies in CPG, Retail, Pharma, Durables, Banking, Telecom and Automotive

why we exist

Companies invest millions in market research to understand consumers and monitor business performance. But reuse of past research and systematic knowledge building is rare.

Market Logic is changing the way companies build consumer understanding and use it in innovation, marketing and sales. It’s the platform for the CMO and VP Insights to truly become a consumer centric organization.

culture and philosophy

Walk around our office and you'll see an open multi-cultural environment, where co-workers talk passionately about how to transform innovation, marketing and sales. Every Market Logicer believes that market research should be more effective, and that software can make market research easier to manage and far more powerful.


Robert Hoog. Chairman

Formerly CEO Fujitsu Siemens

Arno Bohn

Former CEO Porsche

Prof. Dr. Hans-Willi Schroiff

Former EVP Henkel

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Meffert

Author educator

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